Zest Quest

Faculty & Staff Challenge

This wellness initiative is designed to help Faculty & Staff reach optimal health and well-being. All challenges are voluntary and FUN!

Faculty/Staff have the opportunity to participate in a number of wellness challenges during the year, including the following:

  • 123 Healthier Me - participants track their fruit/vegetable/water intake
  • Movement Matters - participants track their physical activity using pedometers and/or conversion charts after setting personal and team goals
  • Hold the Holidays! - participants form groups and weigh-in as a team before Thanksgiving, then again after New Year's Day - winners "hold the holidays" by not gaining any weight collectively as a team
  • H2O Challenge - participants are challenged to stay hydrated with appropriate liquids

At each school, faculty/staff members also have the opportunity to participate in before and/or after school opportunities, such as workout sessions, walking clubs, motivation/support groups, etc.


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