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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Wellness Coach?
A Zest Quest® Wellness Coach teaches 30 minute movement-based lessons in each classroom to reinforce grade-level standards to all elementary grade levels. Wellness Coaches also assist faculty and staff in their quest for healthier lifestyles by leading exercise classes before and/or after school and offering support and advice for achieving optimum health. A Zest Quest® Wellness Coach must earn and maintain required certifications. Each Wellness Coach is assigned to one school and is responsible for helping the entire school, including the faculty/ staff.
If my school is a Zest Quest® school, do all of the Faculty & Staff have to participate in the Faculty & Staff Challenge?
Zest Quest® encourages everyone in the school to participate, but participation is totally voluntary. Challenges are fun and easy, allowing everyone to take their fitness to the next level, wherever they are starting.
Is Zest Quest® planning to expand to other schools, districts or states in the future?
Zest Quest® is currently working in 15 schools to develop a template that will allow the program to successfully expand to other locations.
Why is the Faculty & Staff challenge part of Zest Quest®?
Faculty & Staff are important role models for our children; therefore, it is important to inspire Faculty & Staff to be as healthy as they can.
How often does the Wellness Coach meet with the children?
The Zest Quest® wellness coach meets with the children for one 30-minute classroom session each week and also enjoys time with the children during PE, lunch, recess, and before and after school.
What is the mentor's role in the Zest Quest® program?
Zest Quest® mentors are volunteers from the community who assist the Wellness Coach in reinforcing the importance of having a healthy lifestyle. The interests of mentors are matched with the needs of our schools, resulting in a variety of mentoring models. They also serve as positive role models for the children.
What kind of curriculum do you use?
Zest Quest® has combined state educational standards with the Zest Quest® Daily Healthy Habits to create a unique cross-curriculum. ELA, math, science, and social studies standards are reinforced while children learn about lifetime wellness. The Zest Quest curriculum is nationally approved by USDA’s Food and Nutrition Services as a qualifying SNAP-Ed curriculum.
How is Zest Quest® different than physical education classes?
Zest Quest® incorporates an all-encompassing wellness education which focuses on the whole child, serving as a complement to both the classroom and physical education classes.

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