Zest Quest


Zest Quest¨ community mentors are volunteers from the community who reinforce the importance of having a healthy lifestyle. Zest Quest¨ community mentors include law enforcement officers, firemen, high school and college students, healthcare specialists, retirees and others who want to make a difference in a child's life. Mentors have the ability to influence, motivate and inspire the children they mentor to lead healthier, more active lifestyles. There are many different mentoring opportunities during morning walking clubs, after school clubs, lunch, classroom time and recess.

Community mentor sources include the following:

  • Cannon Memorial Hospital
  • Greenville County Sheriff's Office
  • Mary Black Hospital
  • Parker Fire Department
  • Pickens County Sheriff's Office
  • Pickens City Police Department
  • Vineyards Fire Department
  • Local university students
  • Local high schools
  • Area Property Owner Associations


"When we interact with children and can affect children in a positive way, it makes us feel better about ourselves".

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